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Nature’s remedies for everyday illnesses


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The human body is designed to prevent and fight infections naturally. The immune system, defence system or defence mechanism of the human body does this for us. The lymphatic system in particular is a very important part of the immune system and comprises lymph nodes which are distributed throughout the body. Lymph fluid is transmitted through these lymph nodes, where the bacteria or other foreign bodies are held and are later destroyed by white blood cells. During this process, lymph nodes can enlarge and become swollen. Swollen glands are a very normal occurrence and the typical areas where the nodes enlarge are armpits, groin, under the jaw, behind the ears and neck.

Dr Henderson says: "When the glands persist and are painful, it could be due to an infection, so consulting a GP is a must. If the swollen glands do not subside and result in more complications, it could point to more serious conditions like tuberculosis or even cancer."

Nature's remedy: As an antioxidant, vitamin C may help to protect DNA, lipids and proteins from oxidative free radical damage. Vitamin C also plays a role in non-haem iron absorption and collagen formation, as well as normal function of the immune and nervous systems. Zinc supports immune system function, DNA synthesis and cell division. Effervescent tablets allow for that fast absorption of nutrients into the blood system.


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