Introducing Windows 8
Introducing Windows 8
Wed, 24 Oct 2012 13:39:27 GMT | By Rob Clymo, contributor, MSN Tech
MSN Tech Windows 8 preview


Bing (© Microsoft)
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Now that we’re all pretty much permanently connected to the internet, searching for things is at the core of computing, no matter if you’re using a traditional PC or a tablet. Windows 8 has the Bing search engine at its centre, with a tile that accesses it on the Start screen.

Bing has, naturally been tweaked and fine-tuned to fit into the new Windows 8 environment and packs in a series of neat trending tiles alongside its usual search and browsing tools, such as the ability to copy and paste links as you find them. It’s made all the better by the Bing homepage photography, which is as impressive as ever.


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